About Me

Award winning photographer with international experience.


 Fran has developed an immense talent and  passion for photographing people of all age groups. An assured yet relaxed style has emerged that keeps her clients coming back for more.

 “ I love to capture natural expressions, combined with soft natural light, nothing too contrived. I work very closely  with my subjects as I love a crystal clear image. I often shoot with a long lens to add intimacy to a composition“

It is important to feel completely comfortable and to enjoy being  photographed as the image will reflect that single arresting moment. That is why Fran will often photograph children in their own familiar and secure settings.

Capturing  spontaneity, laughter and happiness and the viewer’s imagination is paramount.  It is so rewarding delivering photographs that have truly conveyed a child’s  personality.

Seeing the images framed on their walls is also affirmation that they are treasured.

During her twenty year plus career Fran has been commissioned to photograph clients in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Vancouver, London and Melbourne.

Fran lives on the Mornington Peninsula and one can often find her shooting down on the local beaches, at  every photographer’s favourite time of day, sunset.